Here’s the Maysonbrook FAQ, with answers to some of the most common questions we get about our Friends & Family trees.

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Frequently asked questions about Maysonbrook Friends & Family Trees

How do Friends & Family trees work?

Each tree comes with an ink pad and pen. The user presses their finger on the ink pad and then presses firmly down on a branch of the tree. Take the pen and sign your signature next to your fingerprint. We’ve made a video so you can see more clearly.

What's the best way to lay it out so that people can add their fingerprints?

We suggest laying the tree on a flat surface for your friends and family to add their fingerprints and sign their name. We also recommend providing baby or make-up wipes to get rid of the ink once you’ve finished!

When is the best time to do my wedding tree?

We suggest laying out your wedding tree during the drinks reception at your wedding venue, before the meal, or on a table as a guest book for your friends and family as they arrive.

Do you deliver framed prints worldwide?

We’d love to be able to, but we can’t deliver framed prints beyond Ireland and the UK. The cost of postage is too high and a frame would be better sourced locally.

We’re happy to deliver unframed prints anywhere! Check out the Delivery Information for more details.

How do I remove the ink from my fingers?

Baby or make-up wipes work perfectly! Remember to provide some for your guests and family so they can clean their fingers too.

Do you do any other style of trees?

If you’ve got a special request, we’d love to talk! Please call or send us an email – the details are here.

Do you supply coloured ink?

After much consideration, we decided to not to offer coloured ink with our Friends & Family trees.

Even though coloured ink is fun, it dates quickly and we want your Friends & Family tree to be passed on for generations.

How long does it take for the fingerprint ink to dry?

About 10 seconds!

I want to order a wedding tree but I need it in less than three weeks, what will I do?

We’d love to try and help you out for your big day! If you can, allow 3 weeks for dispatch.

If you’re short on time, email Bernadine and she’ll try her best to accommodate you.